Eat Smart to lose weight this summer

Want to be ‘beach body ready’? Yes, even if it’s only for Cornwall!

As we all know, the summer of 2021 is a bit different to normal. Instead of jetting off to the Costas, many of us are taking a holiday in the UK. And whilst the UK weather can be a bit flaky, we still want to look our best when we put on the swimming gear. Whether that’s a slinky new bikini, smart Hawaiian shorts or even a wetsuit, we all want to feel good in what we wear.

But maybe the last 16 months has meant you’re carrying a few more kilos than you’d like before you hit the beach and wriggle into your swimwear.

If this is you, our Eat Smart programme may be just the ticket. You’ll be able to lose those pandemic pounds and feel properly ready for your holiday – wherever that might end up being!

The Eat Smart programme (which is NOT a diet) includes…

  • 4 x 45 minute one-to-one coaching sessions over 12 weeks or less
  • Which foods to buy and why to help you create tasty meals
  • The correct portions for your body size without you having to go hungry
  • Trackers for your stats and exercise
  • Weekly accountability via email (and access to us in between)
  • 6 months membership to the Zest Wellbeing Hub where you can access fitness workouts and as well as expert advice on health

All this costs just £297 - which is money better spent on you, rather than on all the test kits and other extra expenses now required for international travel!


One of our recent clients...

What Jim had to say...

"I really appreciate the guidance you've given me - I do feel 10 times better. I think your approach has made the process of changing eating and drinking habits really simple and hasn't felt like a chore - more importantly, it feels like it's a more sustainable way of staying healthy and keeping the weight off."

Oh and by the way - I walk my talk too...

You will be working with Rachel McGuinness, the founder of Wake Up With Zest.

You will be eating the way I eat

I used to be overweight and a serial dieter, until I discovered the secret to weight loss was all about eating the right foods in the right quantity.

I love food - I love cooking and eating out. This means I can still have treats without feeling guilty or pile on the pounds, as I'm now able to easily maintain my weight.

Ready to sign up?

Just £297

On receipt of payment, we will send you the Eat Smart programme in a downloadable PDF by email together with a Calendly link to book your first session to get you started.

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