Exercise – love it or loathe it?

Did you know humans are designed to move around 3-5 miles per day (that’s 10,000 steps or more!). Our lives have become more sedentary, and sitting is allegedly the new cancer, apparently worse than smoking.

How much exercise do we actually need?

The World Health Organisation and Public Health England recommend between three and five 30-minute sessions of moderate exercise per week. For the majority of us that’s a tough call, so how do we shoe horn in exercise into our busy schedule?

Yep, walking lots is great, but it’s not going to build or maintain your muscle.

So what can we do that will give us maximum bang for our buck?

If you’re not a gym bunny then fear not, you’re amongst friends – I prefer to exercise at home (saves time). All I need is a decent quality yoga mat and a few weights (I use very rarely!). My preference is HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training (not as scary as it sounds).

So where can you get inspiration for your workouts? YouTube.

YouTube is a fantastic resource; there are loads of workouts which are under 15 minutes even as little as 7 minutes, and for all levels of fitness.

If you struggle to find the time the time to exercise, but know you should be doing something, but just don’t know where to start then just search on YouTube and see what appeals to you.

Try Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, he covers all levels from beginners to advanced.

What I love about HIIT is that a workout is over and done quickly, and the bonus is I’m getting great results too.

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