How to get the best night’s sleep in a hotel room

Sleeping away from home can sometimes be a challenge, different environment and layout; different bed, pillows and bed linen; it’s stuffy and hot, or the air conditioning is noisy!

Here are my top tips to get some decent shut eye when you’re away from home whether you’re on the road or on your hols:

  1. Get the temperature right

    If possible open the windows and get some fresh air in, unless you’ve got a balcony, usually how much you can open them is restricted.  Either sleep with the window open or if it’s too hot or cold set the air con to between 16 – 18 degrees Celsius to create the optimum temperature for sleeping.

  2. Unplug the TV and anything with a light

    I banned the TV from the bedroom years ago, as I hated falling asleep in front of the TV and waking up to turn the damn thing off, plus they give off electro-magnetic pollution which can disturb your sleep.

  3. Pillows

    If you’ve got enough room in your luggage you could pack a travel pillow, otherwise ask the hotel if they have your choice of pillow.  I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express recently and they had a choice of firm or soft pillows!

  4. Bedside lights

    I’m not sure who designs hotel rooms, but lights are either too dim or too bright.  Invest in some light blocking glasses if you read before going to sleep, as quite a few hotels have LED bedside lights which will wake you up instead of making you sleepy.

  5. Sleep mask

    Invest in a comfortable sleep mask to block out any light you’re not able to switch off such as the fire sensors or light from under the hotel room door.

  6. Ear plugs

    I never ever travel without ear plugs!  Depending on where you’re staying it could be noisy neighbours, doors slamming from people coming back late or getting up early or the outside noise.

  7. Lavender oil

    I put a couple of drops of lavender oil on my pillow at home, I do the same when I’m away, it adds familiarity to my environment, but is also a sensory cue to go to sleep.

  8. Something from home

    If you’re travelling alone, then have a photo of your other half, the kids or your pets on your bedside table. I have to admit I always travelled with a small cuddly toy during my corporate days; he always travelled hand luggage and I did get some funny looks from airport security during bag searches!

  9. Keep it tidy!

    It is so easy if you’re travelling for work for your hotel room to look like the cross between a part time office and a jumble sale.  Keep your room as tidy and relaxing as you can.

If you’re having problems with your sleep and want to get them sorted out, then book in a free 30 minute sleep consultation, we can discuss your sleep issues and how best to work with me.  Just CLICK HERE to access my online diary.