We want to inspire your people to be healthy

We love talking about health!

Whether we're speaking in front of a live audience or on the radio, on a webinar or a guest speaker on a podcast, we love enlightening people about falling in love with their health.

So many struggle with getting or staying healthy -  whether it's getting a good night's sleep, trying to eat a healthy diet, sticking to an exercise regime or managing mental wellbeing.

We create talks to suit your audience.


 How much does this cost?

TALKS (tailored to your working environment)

60 Minutes including
15 minutes Q&A


WORKSHOPS (tailored to your working environment)

90 Minutes £500
Half day £750
Full day £950

Prices exclude expenses

Talks and workshops can be filmed or live-streamed to other areas of your organisation at no extra charge.

Talks can also be delivered in webinar format.

If you would like to book Rachel...

Contact: Rachel Williams | + 44 (0) 7880 557976 | [email protected]


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