Stress and Sleep – Part Two

I left the last blog with a question…What can you do to help yourself with stress?

The answer is: lots and lots! Some people seek medicines and others look for ways to reduce the stresses in their lives, for example by changing jobs, partners, drinking too much alcohol etc. But these might not be the best options for you or your children. But there is always that second button mentioned in last blog.

Hitting this second button turns on the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system).

This works to conserve energy and acts like a brake in the car. It’s the relaxation response, the rest and digest which you can activate yourself to quieten the mind and relax the body. Then your body is more able to heal itself from all sorts of illnesses. It sends blood to your digestive system to ensure you digest food to maintain and restore your energy levels. It also maintains your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate at a super low level.

So, the PNS counteracts and regulates the SNS and the good news is you can do a lot of really easy things to activate this in yourself and thereby make yourself less stressed, less anxious and less worried. And if you can do this then sleep will be easier, longer and deeper. And a virtuous circle is set up.


How to activate the PNS? Now there’s another blog or two!

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