Coping during Lockdown 2.0

Street scene during lockdown 2.0

How to look after your mental and physical health After lots of governmental procrastination, we now all have to live with tighter restrictions again until at least the 2nd December. In the spring we were lucky with the beautiful weather, but now we’re faced with the dull, grey, damp days of winter. So now, more…


Stress and Sleep – Part Two

I left the last blog with a question…What can you do to help yourself with stress? The answer is: lots and lots! Some people seek medicines and others look for ways to reduce the stresses in their lives, for example by changing jobs, partners, drinking too much alcohol etc. But these might not be the…


Stress and Sleep – Part One

Stress, worry and anxiety make it almost impossible to relax and still your mind enough to fall asleep and when you do, it tends to be lighter with more REM sleep. When your body is under stress it will release more adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones which activate the ‘fight or flight’ response. These…